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Throughout the Epsom Movie Makers' season there are a number of times when club members are expected to provide contributions in the form of video or film to support our programme. These contributions include competition entries and other items. This in turn might lead to confusion so in order to alleviate the problem a list has been drawn up.


MEMBER’S FILMS A regular feature in the programme. Preferably being work of the contributor. Age and content is open and may even be rough cut or unfinished. September 13th

FILM APPRECIATION Excerpt from a favourite feature film, cartoon or documentary. The presenter may if they wish talk about aspects of the presentation. The presentation may contain several clips. November 10th
1 MINUTE COMPETITION The running time should be one minute and include all credits and titles. October 27th.
5 MINUTE COMPETITION The content is open and the running time is approximately five minutes or less. October 27th
THEME COMPETITION The theme for this competition for this season is “Open”. It is up to the maker as to how they interpret the content. October 27th
TRAVELOGUE COMPETITION Difficult to categorise from a holiday film but should emphasise places rather than people. January 12th 2024

HOLIDAY COMPETITION A holiday may be a holiday from work so therefore it might be taken at home in the back garden and definitely not a subject for a travelogue film. January 12th 2024

NON-HOLIDAY COMPETITION Subject matter is up to the maker but as the category suggests should avoid a specific holiday theme. February 23rd 2024

HISTORY ON FILM. Members are asked to provide material to fill an evening dedicated to events of an historical nature either personal or public. April 12th 2024

For all contributions please contact the CHAIRMAN (Norman Bull) 020 8337 8118 in plenty of time for any particular evening.
The order of the day is first come, first served and subject to the relevance to the evening. Please try to keep any content down to a maximum of 20 minutes bearing in mind there may be other people who want to show a film. Some films may, with the agreement of the exhibitor, be curtailed in order to fairly share the evening.
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